本文摘要:China’s state industrial complex is accelerating efforts to launch a commercial passenger plane and challenge the global Boeing-Airbus duopoly.中国一家国有工业联合体于是以加快主推一款商用客机,挑战国际市场的波音(Boeing)和空客(Airbus)双头独占。


China’s state industrial complex is accelerating efforts to launch a commercial passenger plane and challenge the global Boeing-Airbus duopoly.中国一家国有工业联合体于是以加快主推一款商用客机,挑战国际市场的波音(Boeing)和空客(Airbus)双头独占。Comac is developing the ARJ21, a small regional jet, and the larger single-aisle C919. Both projects, which have experienced multiple delays, will be the focus of much attention at China’s premier air show, which opens Tuesday in the southern city of Zhuhai.中国商用飞机公司(Comac,中国商飞)正在研发小型支线客机ARJ21 和更大的单通道客机C919。这两个都曾经被延后的项目,沦为周二揭幕的珠海航展上引发普遍注目的焦点。Six years after its maiden test flight, the ARJ21 has yet to enter commercial service. Last year Comac also confirmed that the C919’s maiden flight and delivery date, originally scheduled for 2014 and 2016 respectively, would each be delayed by at least a year.在首次飞行中试验6年之后,ARJ21未有转入商业服务市场。

去年,中国商飞也曾证实了C919 的试飞和交付给日期,最初分别订于2014年和2016年,但都将延期最少1年。The Chinese government has huge economic interests riding on both planes – and also a mooted wide-body variant of the C919, the C929, which may be developed in partnership with Russia’s United Aircraft Corp. In September, Boeing predicted that China would eclipse the US as the world’s largest aviation market by 2033, saying that Chinese airlines would purchase some 6,000 aircraft – mostly single-aisle planes – worth $870bn over the next two decades.中国政府确信这两款客机、以及建议中C919的公务机型号C929客机产生极大的经济利益。


C929 可能会与俄罗斯的牵头飞机公司(United Aircraft Corp)联合开发。波音在9月预测,到2033年中国将多达美国、沦为全球仅次于的航空市场。波音回应,未来20年,中国的航空公司将订购约6000家飞机(主要是单通道飞机),价值约8700亿美元。


From both a technical and financial perspective, industry executives say Comac is well positioned to realise its ambitions, but caution that could take years.行业高管回应,从技术和财务看作,中国商飞已作好构建志向的打算,但警告称之为,这有可能要必须多年时间。“I would say it’s between 10 and 20 years until Comac’s planes will be in widespread service,” says one executive who asked not to be named because he works closely with China’s state-owned aviation companies.一位拒绝电子邮件的高管回应,“我实在中国商飞的飞机取得广泛应用,即将等上10至20年。

”The challenge for Comac will be to integrate the thousands of components and systems in an aircraft certified as safe by both the Civil Aviation Administration of China and the US Federal Aviation Administration. The latter’s sign-off would ensure the ARJ-21 and C919’s acceptance in the international market.中国商飞面对的挑战,将是把数百种部件和系统统合到一种飞机上,然后使其取得中国民航总局(CAAC)和美国联邦航空局(FAA)的安全性证书。后者的接纳将保证ARJ-21 和C919 被国际市场拒绝接受。Money is less of a problem. Comac enjoys the support of a cash-rich state backer – a factor that was essential to Airbus’s emergence as Boeing’s main rival.资金基本不成问题。

中国商飞获得充裕的政府机构的反对——而这一因素是空客茁壮为波音的主要输掉关键因素。Marketing the new planes in international markets will be difficult, however, even with strong credit support from state policy banks such as China Development Bank and the Export-Import Bank of China.然而,即便获得中国国家开发银行(CDB)和中国进出口银行(China Eximbank)等国有政策性银行的强力信贷反对,在国际市场上促销新的飞机仍十分艰难。“Selling the ARJ-21 and C919 will be tricky because when you’re buying an aeroplane you’re not just buying a piece of kit that’s going to fly around for a few years,” says a senior European aviation executive. “You’re buying into the whole support package that the manufacturer has to stand behind for the lifetime of the aircraft – and that’s a huge unknown quantity in the case of Comac.“销售ARJ-21 和 C919将很有可玩性,因为当你购入一架飞机时,并非意味着购入未来几年里飞抵各地的一件工具,”一位欧洲航空业高管回应。“你是在购入由制造商获取的涵括飞机整个寿命周期的一揽子反对服务——你购入中国商飞的飞机时,面对的不得而知因素实在太多了。